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code examples

Here are some code examples of my projects:

Friss oder stirb

Friss oder stirb was a game, a fellow student and I programmed for university. This was our first graphics engine – so the architecture is not that great. Also we had a strict time limit, where we could not create clean code. Instead we had to implement all important features for our grades.

Download <FrissOderStirb>


Dodorun is an Android-game, I have started some days before uploading it here. It will become a side-scrolling jump ’n‘ run. There is not much code yet, but a basic prototype of the user-interaction, GUI-system, animation-system and obstacle-management. But it should show, how I work.

Download <Dodorun>

Pirates vs. Ninjas

Pirates vs. Ninjas is an Android-game, a fellow student and I created for university. It was our first App and our first mobile-game. So we had some problems, representing and managing the Android life cycle of Activities and interactions. But the main gameplay is (kind of) well structured. Here, we also had time pressure and we had to focus on implementing the most important features for our grades. So there is a lot to improve.

Download <PiratesVsNinjas>